Feb 10 at 9:47 AM
I compliment your idea to support and develop XNA. The VS2013 VSIX sill be wonderful.

But Why don't you just join the MonoGame project ( They have the same goals and they have already done a lot.

P.S. Decompiling the XNA Framework is illegal. That's why MonoGame is written from scratch (but with the same public interface).
Feb 18 at 5:35 AM
Hi Fduch.

I'm sorry, I was on leave.

At the beginning I would like to note that the message about the discontinue software development for me was a big surprise. Many people lost our money and knowledge, because it is obsolete now. This technology was the only one official DirectX support for C# language.

I want show the potential which the Microsoft rejected. I want provide people support for new devices and platforms, because now they were left with nothing. Furthermore I want bring to live XNA Framework technology and use whole the DirectX and OpenGL potential to makes games easier to write and faster to work.

Secondarily I know that MonoGame want to be a good platform to making games, but always we have a choice. I do not want people to take away that choice. Besides, the MonoGame is not exact replica of the XNA Framework. This is just imitator of this technology. The truth is that MonoGames does not use directly either the DirectX or the OpenGL.

Ending my utterance, I would like stress that if Microsoft will want to restore support for the XNA Framework, I will give them back all source code. I know that somebody can feel aggrieved, but this is them technology and we are not inventors of this.

Project Coordinator
Feb 22 at 12:00 PM
Monogame have one big advantage - it is cross-platform engine. In any case if there will be continued XNA development i doubt it can offer smth valuable that will beat that advantage.
Anyway this automated installer has already helped me alot with monogame as currently it has no own content piplene. Now i can have all what i need in one VS2012 solution under Win 8.1 without any VMs or hacks. Thanks.
Mar 20 at 11:06 PM
MonoGame has its shortcomings. mklemarczyk, I think it is great that you are working on this!
Jul 27 at 11:58 AM
panthernet wrote:
Monogame have one big advantage - it is cross-platform engine.
Advantage? And if i want to make games for Windows only?
Jul 27 at 12:24 PM
Then you should think about your goals twice :) Monogame is mostly for indies and it supports easy portability to different platforms. If you want to write serious games for windows-only platform you better stick to Unity3D or professional game engines.